Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar, Killington, VT

Built in October, 2011, the Roaring Brook umbrella bar at Killington Resort was the perfect solution to the devastation caused by Hurricane Irene when she blew through the Vermont mountains in late August of that year. When the K-1 base lodge was knocked off it's foundation by flooding, the resort needed a quick fix to provide food and beverage and seating to the skiiers and snowboarders heading to the mountain in less than three months.


Two umbrella bars were placed side by side on a large, heated concrete slab built at the base of Superstar trail - the perfect apres ski rendezvous location and soon one of the most popular bars on the mountain.  


The umbrella bars are 39 ft and 33 ft in diameter and seat 190 and 110 respectively. In 2016 Killington chose to relocate the 10m umbrella bar to the Snowshed area to serve their growing summer business activities. Once the new foundation was prepared the umbrella bar was disassembled, moved and reassembled at the new location.  The move was efficiently handled by Killington employees and it's a big hit in it's new location.

The bright yellow umbrellas are a beacon for both winter and summer visitors to the resort.  For Killington guests, as in the European alps, it's "Meet me at the Umbrella Bar!"